Nina Wedberg Thulin – Artist Talk

February 23 2023 / 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Artist Nina Wedberg Thulin will be giving an artist talk at CVAG on Thursday, February 23 at 7pm. Nina will talk about her practice in Sweden, her six-week residency here, and the site responsive work she has created while in the Comox Valley.

Free / Public / All Ages Event

In-Person / Virtual

Click here to watch the recorded livestream.

THE SOURCE — Residency | Collaborations | Accumulating Site Installation

During her international residency, Nina carries all her ‘questions from former works’ while becoming ‘a beginner starting from zero’.

“When in Comox – I will be “open to “new ideas, [the] influence from nature and people – or anything that happens during my stay.”

The Source project installation will run from February 24 – April 1 in CVAG’s Gather Place.

NINA WEDBERG THULIN | b.1955, Stockholm, Sweden

American contemporary art, the music scene with John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and others opened new doors for Nina as she attended San Francisco Art institute as a fellow. She painted big abstract acrylic paintings. Back in Europe studying art history, Joseph Beuys’ work got her absolute attention and interest; she then wrote to Das Freie Universität, read everything within reach, and travelled in his footsteps. Finally, the travels led to Beuys’ studio in Düsseldorf, and a meeting took place. Nina made her debut exhibiting in Japan, moved towards working more with sculpture, made a couple of trips to Beijing, and worked with bronze, fibreglass, and stainless steel. In her artistic practice, Nina does installations: sculpture, painting, film, sound, and combinations of these. Alongside art, she has worked with theatre and opera, and freelanced as a film editor. This is all part of her toolbox.


Curator, Abir Boukhari | AllArtNow Lab | Stockholm – artist’s introduction to CVAG curators
The Swedish Arts Council – artist’s travel

The Source project installation is part of the OPEN ⋮ REALITY convergent program at the Comox Valley Art Gallery