CVAG Community Make Art Series – Summer 2022 – Project II

July 13 2022 / 2:00pm - 6:00pm

MAP: Make / Art / Place – An Interest in Place

JOIN US at CVAG plaza on Wednesdays for make art projects led by artists, students, interns, and community collaborators – Wachiay Studio and MakeItZone.

Free / Public / All Ages / Drop-In

Facilitated by Meesh QX
2 – 6PM on Wednesday, July 13 at CVAG Plaza

GENERATE – Artist Meesh QX will guide participants through a series of idea-generating activities that spark creativity.

ACTIVATE – Get unstuck from a creative block or help find momentum in your own artistic projects.

MAKE – Activities will include writing or drawing. All levels of experience are welcome.

As part of an ongoing creative research and development project that Meesh QX is undertaking with support of the Canada Council for the Arts, they are in residence at CVAG Next Door from July 10 – 16. As part of this project, Meesh will be engaging with the community through MAP: Make / Art / Place, CVAG’s Summer 2022 Community Make Art Series.

Meesh QX is an interdisciplinary artist currently residing on the land of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, Musqueam, and Coast Salish Nations. Meesh is a graduate of North Island College’s Fine Arts Diploma, and has an additional background in health science. Meesh’s creative practice spans visual arts, film, audio, and performing arts. Across these mediums, Meesh is drawn to exploring topics such as identity, empathy, and listening.

CVAG Summer 2022 Community Make Art Series is an invitation to engage with the current gallery programming  by explorations, observations, and conversations that are seen in the exhibition at the gallery from June 15 – September 10, 2022:
Marlene Creates: Works from Blast Hole Pond Road, Newfoundland 2002–2021
Œuvres réalisées au chemin Blast Hole Pond, Terre-Neuve 2002–2021

MARLENE CREATES’ EVOLVING PROCESS over four decades of art practice has been one of going outside to be on the land and to encounter a place through physical experience – lying down, sleeping, interacting, ‘listening’ to the land and those who live there. Drawing on these encounters, the artist has structured images and words to communicate her experiences through photographs, hand drawn maps, tracings, text, and performative acts. In these ways, the artist offers an opportunity for “seeing” the places we find ourselves with a new perspective.

‘Underlying all my work has been an interest in place – not as a geographical location but as a process that involves memory, multiple narratives, ecology, language, and both scientific and vernacular knowledge.’

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MAP: Make / Art / Place explores perceptions of the places where we are through integrated research: exhibitions, creative residencies, community collaborations, and workshops. CVAG’S place-responsive programming continues to emerge and take shape through relationships over time, including:

Public Space: Sacred Place (CVAG Plaza): Crossroads / Traditional Indigenous Full Circle Tea Garden / Traditional Welcome Poles / Place Naming: Qwee-koos-ah-ool (Puntlege) and Me’łlun (K’ómoks)

North Island Hospital Public Art Project

MAP: Make / Art / Place (summer + fall convergent programs 2016)

Return to Water (spring convergent program 2022)

The Comox Valley Art Gallery is grateful to be present on the Unceded Territory of the K’ómoks First Nation.

Images: Jin Zhang