May 12 2022 / 9:30am - 2:00pm

The CONNECTED BY WATER workshops, led by Meaghan Cursons and Tina Willard-Stepan, explore climate change and climate resistance, sense of place (in an indigenous context, considering colonial history), ecosystem health, the roles of forests and creeks, forest fires, drinking water, and water conservation.

This workshop responds to the questions: What is a watershed? Where is our watershed? What makes a climate resilient watershed? What makes it possible for me to have clean water to drink? Where does our drinking water come from in the Comox Valley? How are we all connected by water in the Comox Valley? How is climate change impacting our drinking water resources?

Selected school groups will participate in-person at CVAG with a live streamed session made available to the public.

Thursday, May 12 | CONNECTED BY WATER

  • 9:30AM – 2PM – Workshop Sessions  

Meaghan Cursons is a community animateur with big love for the Comox Valley. She has worked extensively in the local tourism, cultural and conservation sectors in community outreach and marketing. She currently manages the Cumberland Forest campaign to purchase threatened forest lands surrounding Cumberland. Meaghan is passionate about grassroots community economic development, sustainability, celebration and the network economy and dedicates herself to projects that support these values. She also works as a facilitator and strategic planning consultant for organizations across Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea.

Tina Willard-Stepan is an artist, facilitator, community developer, and environmental educator. She develops resources for use in schools and works as a community resource to educators. A Personal Coach and B.C. Certified Teacher, she has many years of experience in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. This makes her a person passionate about building community, as well as supporting other members of the human species in making connections—especially in relation to living more consciously on the planet.

This event is part of the RETURN TO WATER FESTIVAL – a series of arts-based events and presentations that bring the community together to explore issues related to perceptions of water, use of water, the human relationship to water, the climate’s effect on water, and the concept of water as a “living entity”. From May 12 – 14, 2022, daily events will instigate interdisciplinary and cross-cultural considerations of water and its significance through visual art, photography, video, sound, interactive media, texts, performance, music, dance, and song.