Barbara Meneley + Joanne Bristol – NIC Artist Talk

July 14 2016 / 12:00pm - 1:00pm

An artist talk with Joanne Bristol and Barbara Meneley at North Island College Shadbolt Studios Rm 109. Admission is free and the event is open to the public.

Artist Talk Poster

Barbara Meneley

As a professional intermedia artist, my current projects focus on cartographic representation and embodied relationships to land. Typically seen as scientific, objective, and absolute, in reality, cartographic representation is anything but. A cartographer is tasked with communicating visual information, synthesizing a variety of source material to visually support the communication of a specific idea. Someone decides how some place should be represented and the cartographer makes it so. I know something about this–cartography was my profession for twenty years, and every map I drew was fiction. My current projects investigate the tensions inconventional cartographic representation and explore the potential for wider expression in representing place.

Joanne Bristol

Joanne Bristol’s artistic practice locates ways in which nature and culture are co-constitutive by critically and performatively engaging with more-than-human processes of urban spatial production. Human and more-than-human agencies are articulated by emphasizing the performativities of writing, drawing and photography in response to physical and conceptual sites of natural and built environments. These media are iterated–through gestures of observation and inscription–as modes of performative writing and publishing.