AGM 2019

April 27 2019 / 10:00am - 11:30am

You are invited to the Comox Valley Art Gallery’s Annual General Meeting at the Comox Valley Art Gallery. We look forward to sharing info and memories from our highly-eventful 2018 year. Join us after for food and drinks, and for the presentation of the Nonny Milne Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts. This year’s recipient: Robert Moon.


Robert Moon

My art is deeply personal and cannot withstand a great deal of exposure and all the attention from the galleries and students seemed to erode my concentration and diluted my creativity. I decided to withdraw from the gallery scene and become the world’s most famous unknown artist. I stopped trying to sell my art and decided to become an experimental artist un-tethered to the economics of selling art. This allowed me to branch out and try new things without the demands that the gallery scene imposes on artists. While it was a thrill to have my work purchased, the excitement pales in comparison to the immense pleasure that comes from the making of the art. I have opted to the ancient Chinese model where, as I understand it, the artist is allowed to do art when he has made a successful contribution to his community and has amassed enough wealth to be free of all restrictions and influences and is able to devote his time exclusively to his art.


AGM Documents

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