Convergent Program

Hold Being Held

Includes a creative residency, project room studios, community engagement make art events and an exhibition of the clay based work of seven artists.

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  • Hold Being Held

    Hold Being Held, the exhibition features clay and time based work of seven artists.

    June 27 - September 7 2019


  • KIDS SUMMER CAMP: VEX IQ Robotics Camp

    In this introductory level robotics camp, participants will work in partners to build, program, and drive a robot using the VEX IQ platform. Teams will work together to learn basic skills for building a robotic system,

    July 8 - 12 2019
  • KIDS SUMMER CAMP: Wild[er] Spaces

    Join Kathleen for a nature-inspired, place-based and community art experience where we dare to explore various elements of art found in every nook, crack and cranny contained in the most unusual yet predictable wilder spaces, blueprinted and mapped in the landscape of our urban places.

    July 15 - 19 2019
  • Hold Being Held: Art Opening / Artist Talk / Public Reception / Community Make Art

    Join us on Thursday evening for the opening of hold being held a group exhibition of clay-based work by seven artists.

    June 27 2019 / 5:00 - 9:00pm
  • Community Make Art Project: Tiny Homes

    A community make art project. All ages welcome. No prior clay hand building experience is required.

    June 27 2019 / 5:00 - 7:00pm
  • Community Make Art Project: Water Effect 2019

    You are invited to join Rachel Grenon at the CVAG to make hand built porcelain boats.

    June 27 2019 / 5:00 - 7:00pm
  • PROJECT ROOM STUDIO / Water and Shelter

    During her Project Room Studio at CVAG, Gillian Turner is developing a body of work for the upcoming exhibition Hold Being Held at the Comox Valley Art Gallery June 27 – September 7 2019.

    March 18 - July 13 2019


  • Make Art Projects

    Join us for our new series of Make Art Project Workshops that offer an interactive experience held at CVAG.

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  • Residencies

    July 2016 marked CVAG’s first creative residency collaboration with the McLoughlin Gardens and North Island College.

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  • Youth Media Project

    YMP provides intensive hands-on training in video production and more to young people.

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    The Comox Valley Art Gallery is offering two arts-based summer camp opportunities at the gallery in July 2019. Participants will engage in week long thematic camps led by experienced educators who will be supported by summer students working at the gallery. A former SD 71 NIDES ENTER +E2 student, now studying engineering at Vancouver Island… 

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