Convergent Program


Community collaborations, solo exhibition, cultural sharing + teachings, lecture, public art opening, and a concert.

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Projects + Calls


    SUBMISSION OPPORTUNITIES CVAG welcomes proposals on an ongoing basis. The gallery is committed to supporting research, creation, presentation, collaboration, dissemination of contemporary art and cultural practise. The Comox Valley Art Gallery provides opportunities for exhibition in all disciplines, encourages diverse public engagement, promotes awareness of contemporary art, and provides adjunct learning opportunities. The Comox Valley… 

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  • Independent Studio Program

    CVAG's new Project Room Studio hosts a variety of programming, projects, workshops, gatherings and events.

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  • Curated Residency Program

    July 2016 marked CVAG’s first creative residency collaboration with the McLoughlin Gardens and North Island College.

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  • Youth Media Project

    YMP provides intensive hands-on training in video production and more to young people. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS ON NOW

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