The Comox Valley Art Gallery Creative Residency Program was started out of a desire to provide extended research and site-specific production opportunities for artists, collaborators and curators presenting within the gallery’s exhibition series. CVAG wanted to develop, through a creative residency program, deep and sustained artistic practice, meaningful relationships between artists and the local community, and relevant forms of community-engaged research, exhibition and presentation.

In developing this program, CVAG cultivated an array of community partnerships – including technical and artistic production support with the Department of Fine Arts and Design at North Island College and housing partnerships with the McLoughlin Gardens Society and Creekside Commons Cohousing Community residents.


Upcoming Residencies:


May 12 – June 30 2018

Artists: Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde & Valerie Salez
Guest Curator: Toby Lawrence

Artists Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde and Valerie Salez (Victoria, BC) along with guest curator Toby Lawrence (Kelowna) will participate in the creative residency hosted by CVAG during the summer of 2018. Their arts-based research will be part of an ongoing collective exploration of the Island rainforest and the history of, and ongoing, deforestation practices and impacts. As part of their creative residency, the artists will be calling out for local participants to engage in various ceremonial circles and creative activities to prepare minds, bodies and spirits to collectively engage bodies in the land. In concurrence with their residency, Lindsay, Valerie and Toby will present the exhibition Touching Earth Bodies at CVAG. The collaborative creative team will reside at the McLoughlin Gardens Society’s artist residence situated in Merville, BC.



Previous Residencies:

During the Comox Valley Art Gallery’s 2017 programming, three creative residencies were undertaken.

October 4 – 13 2017: Artist, curator and educator, France Trépanier, conducted a creative residency prior to the opening and exhibition of her mixed media installation Offerings/Offrandes. During the residency, France collaborated with local artists, the Kumugwe Cultural Society, and elder Mary Everson to develop work that expanded the touring exhibition to “establish a connection to specific artists and their communities—both Indigenous and non-Indigenous—that inhabit this land.” Kirk Swartz (MediaNet), Guylaine Langlois (Vaste et Vague), and CVAG’s community partner, North Island College Department of Fine Arts and Design provided technical support as France developed work for her solo exhibition at CVAG that followed her creative residency.

Offerings / Offrandes – France Trépanier


May 23 – July 31 2017: Inter-disciplinary artist, Rita McKeough, undertook a creative residency that involved collaboration with local and visiting artists as she undertook art-based research and the development of new site responsive work in the Shadbolt Studios at the Department of Fine Arts and Design, North Island College. Rita resided at Mcloughlin Gardens Society’s seaside artist residence.

The community was given opportunities to share, experience and discuss Rita’s work through a Make Art Event, artist talks, and an art opening. Following the creative residency, a solo exhibition of Rita’s multi-media installation Veins / Listen / Cul de Sac remained at CVAG until the fall.

“…I am so grateful to have received so much support and help from everyone at CVAG especially Angela Somerset who has invited me to this residency and given me this amazing opportunity to show my work Veins and to develop these new works. My thanks to everyone at CVAG and to and the Faculty and technicians at NIC Fine Arts program who have assisted with the production of this work. And to Linda Perron and Sara Vipond for their support of this project. I have also been assisted in the production of these new works by Deanna Burnett, Denise Lawson, Jeff Brett, Gordon Ross, Cassidy Gehmlich, Brandon St-Laurent, Krista McAllister, Sharon Karsten, and Lenore Lowe.”

– Rita McKeough

Veins / Listen / Cul-de-sac – Rita McKeough


March 1 – 25 2017: During the creative residency of Montreal-based artists Vida Simon and Jack Stanley, the artists deepened their arts-based research for the ongoing evolution of their collaborative work Carried Away. Community engagement through a solo exhibition at CVAG, performances, a Make Art Project event, and Artist Talks at the gallery and North Island College provided opportunities for the public to be involved in the artists’ process during their residency. The work developed during their site-responsive creative research remained on exhibition at CVAG until the middle of April. The artists resided at Creekside Commons Cohousing Community in Courtenay.

Carried Away – Vida Simon and Jack Stanley


July 2016 marked CVAG’s first creative residency collaboration with the McLoughlin Garden Society and North Island College. The residency was connected to the exhibition MAP: Make Art Place, that featured the work of visiting artists Barbara Meneley and Joanne Bristol and local artist Clive Powsey. The visiting artists resided at the McLoughlin Gardens Society seaside artist residence in Merville, while they installed their work, conducted artistic research, and interacted with the community. The visiting artists and Clive made use of production and technical support facilities at both North Island College Department of Fine Arts and Design and CVAG.

Unmapping the Last Best West – Barbara Meneley

Untitled (Sweepers) – Joanne Bristol

Terrain Traps and Other Delightful Terrors – Clive Powsey



CVAG provides creative residencies as part of its programming. For more information, send a message to

McLoughlin Gardens Society