Project Room Studio

The Comox Valley Art Gallery provides artists and communities with space to engage in arts-based research, activations, creative exploration of materials and process, community relations, and concept development through its Project Room Studio program.

Project Room Studio events occur throughout the CVAG spaces. Projects may be stand-alone or woven into the gallery’s thematic programming as preparatory inquiry and development for future exhibition work.

Project Room Studios offer artists dedicated time to do their work.
Occasionally, artists will open their space to community, informally or for specific events.

Information about Project Room Studio events are available at the gallery and are posted in the CVAG e news and on CVAG web and social media sites.

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CVAG welcomes inquiries. Contact us for more information.


MORE THAN SUM March 16 – 22 2019


During her Project Room Studio Artist Madeleine Wood will be essentially moving her studio practice to GATHER:PLACE as an experiment. By working in the downtown core she hopes to encourage dialogue and exchange with the community and welcomes visitors!

More than SUM
We have more than some. Home is more than the sum of its parts.
With this project, I’m responding to the notion of home, as a Vancouver transplant and first time homeowner. In More than SUM, I return to the surface of things and the immediacy of my surroundings, grounded in the tangible details of our renovated house and its property. I’ve been in the process of painting samples from the interior and exterior, contained in a grid pattern of 6” squares to construct a flat, dense, fragmented view. Universal cues are evident in some of the squares, while others are more abstract and obscure. I plan to add individual square panels to trail behind the rest, which could be anything from blank spaces to glimpses of the surrounding environment.
Fragmented, closely cropped images are typical of my work; an impulse borne of self-censorship in a postmodern age. I resist the traditional whole. The density and compression conveniently reflects my life experience: physically limited vision, chaotic family constellations, the clutter of interrupted thoughts and even the shape of my urban life. Today, the slowness of painting feels like an act of resistance against the rapid pace of digital media.



SCOTT BERTRAM March 9 – 15 2019


Since 2014, Scott Bertram has been periodically exploring a body of work that is somewhat tangential to his primary artistic focus. This body of work consists of applying very fluid acrylic paint to a slick, polyester film surface with large scraping tools. This process creates complex interactions of form and colour that arise out of a few simple, repeated, and layered gestures.

Between March 9-15, Scott will be exploring this painting process further at the GATHER:PLACE studio and the public is invited to drop by Monday-Friday, 10-1pm.
Private viewings may also be arranged at alternate times by contacting



Transparent Space + Star Language Divination Days Concurrent with the exhibition of work in the exhibition Approaching Painting, Carole Tompson, will engage in a Project Room Studio in GATHER:PLACE at the Comox Valley Art Gallery. During this time the artist will engage in research exploring the process of making multi-layered transparencies. Working experimentally with acrylic skins, additive crystalline substances, various media and pigments, she will explore their application on mylar and clear vinyl. A large scale hanging will be in progress in GATHER:PLACE along with Carole’s creative research.

PUBLIC PROBLEM SOLVING + ART CHAT February 23 – March 1 2019


Problem Solving and Art Chat with Robert Moon will present some of artist, Robert Moon’s past works including two short films “Breath” and “The Entire Trip” (circa 1974), and publications which feature art that he has created over a lifetime. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet with the artist while he is on-site in GATHER : PLACE Monday – Friday from 12PM – 1PM for “problem solving and an art chat”. Works by the artist will be presented in GATHER:PLACE and in the current exhibition approaching painting while he is on site and during gallery hours.

MEDIUMSHIP February 2 – 8 2019


Over the course of the week, Nicole will be experimenting with paper sculpture, as it relates to receiving watercolour paint and video projections of watercolour paintings; exploring the possibilities of sending her practice toward varied spatial dimensions that may or may not receive the transmissions.

MIRAGE January 26 – March 17 2019


Artist, Barb Hunt, will be on-site at the gallery for a Project Room Studio to continue development of an ongoing body of work. The gallery is sharing its resources, large working spaces and surfaces, to support the artist in her work.
The artist will extend invitations for the community to visit her during her working sessions. Contact CVAG for times or visit the CVAG facebook page.

RESTRUCTURE December 7 – 15 2018


Artist Nadine Bariteau will be in CVAG’s GATHER:PLACE for a Project Room Studio creative residency.
“Inspired by the junction that exists between the natural environment and that fabricated by the human hand, my practice proposes a subtle dialogue that lies somewhere between poetry and social awareness and strives to highlight various ways in which we connect with our surroundings. … my intention will be to cut, print and weave plastic in an attempt to research the best way to create a shelter.”
Visit the Restructure on the CVAG events page to learn more about Nadine’s Project Room Studio creative residency.

Means of Exchange August 9-13 2017


Means of Exchange is a series of relational experiences and experiments. Each session includes meditations, creative self-explorations and conversations which invite you to open up about the topics that are hard to look at and harder to talk about. Thea creative research residency will invite Open Studio Visits, and is comprised of three sessions in which we’ll explore sex, money and death as means for radical politics, generative relationships and vibrant aliveness. Please visit the Means of Exchange event page for further information on the sessions.

Perception July 17- 31, 2017 


Clea Minaker will be using the project room for creative residency from July 17- 31, 2017. She will create a research laboratory with kids and interactive experiments using ‘phenomena’ for an upcoming installation/performance with the working title Perception.

Making Art from ‘Un-Making’ Electronics July 10 – 12 2017, 9am -12pm + 1pm – 4pm


Providing an opportunity to build and explore art making and electronics ‘un-making’. Participants will be encouraged to explore how to disassemble broken electronics to then use in their art creations.

TIMELESS – A Wild Blue Yonder May 19 – June 2 2017


Jade de Trey and Methuselah Dancers will be developing a new dance performance in CVAG’s Project Room Studio. The collaborators will present the results of their dance research in a public performance entitled Timeless – A Wild Blue Yonder, on June 2 as part of the opening events for CVAG’s community show Image to Text to Image, starting at 7pm.

Timeless – A Wild Blue Yonder is a contemporary, creative and intuitive dance about Love, fear, birth and death, performed by Jade de Trey and the Methuselah Dancers. She and they  are a collective of creative and improvisational movement artists from the Comox Valley. More info at

GATHER: Interactive Media Showcase April 28 2017, 4pm – 7pm


“After many sleepless nights of art, coding, and design, we are elated to invite family, friends, and the professional community to celebrate the diverse talents of the 2017 North Island College Interactive Media graduating class. There will be a wide range of work on display featuring skills in graphic design, digital art, photography, UI/UX design, and web/mobile applications and designs.

Find us in the lower level of CVAG, in the new Project Room Studio, between 4 pm – 7 pm and share in the celebration!” Facebook Photo Album


PULL March 23 – April 7 2017


On exhibition during PULL will be large scale paintings by Scott Bertram that were recently completed during his two week residency at the CVAG’s Project Room Studio. Scott’s artistic practice centres around ideas of improvisation, finding meaning within unintended stimuli, and playing with the dynamics of perception. The resulting images typically contain a degree of ambiguity, openness, and indeterminacy. More info can be found at

An improvised musical performance by the experimental band BIRCH will also take place during this event. BIRCH includes members Destanne Lundquist, Jesse Gentes, and Scott Bertram. More info can be found at

Kitchen Party  March 23 2017, 6pm – 9pm


Join visiting artists Vida Simon, Jack Stanley, and Rita McKeough for a community potluck in CVAG’s new Project Room Studio. Also a guest appearance by BIRCH, featuring Jesse Gentes, Scott Bertram, and Destanne Lundquist. Facebook Photo Album

Building Up The Body  February 10 – 24 2017


Nicole Crouch, an artist and art therapist, will be using the space to air her current body of work, researching, experimenting, altering and generating works. Facebook Photo Album