Terrain Traps and Other Delightful Terrors


  • Exhibition July 12 - September 17 2016
  • Creative Residency July 1 - 30 2016
  • Artist Talk, Reception + Welcoming Event July 20 2016 / 6:00pm
  • Where is Here? Symposium July 20 - 22 2016
  • Talk Walk Make @ North Island College July 23 2016 / 10:00am

As a landscape painter and a modest alpinist, I’ve been fascinated by views and representations of views that might obliterate or swallow a person whole — in short, views to die for. These are sublime scenarios where the observed might destroy the observer. There is a point-of-no-return approaching any formidable spectacle. The prints in the exhibition might communicate some of the topographic tipping points, crossed lines, extruded planes, exceeded thresholds, violated boundaries, forbidden plateaus, last looks back, and event horizons in the landscape. Knowing the boundaries of your world can help prevent falling off.

“Alpinism is the art of climbing mountains by confronting the greatest dangers with the greatest prudence.” Rene Dumal, Mount Analogue, 1959