Source Material II: Unfolding

The CVAG Community Gallery exhibition Source Material has been sustained, interrupted and expanded.

Photographs and sculptural objects created by visual art students, instructors and alumni of North Island College Fine Arts Diploma Program and the Emily Carr External Fine Arts Degree Program initiated a dialogue with the concurrent exhibitions All Tomorrow’s Parties (Jeroen Witvliet) and The Perfect Nowhere (Neil McClelland).

The existing discourse has been expanded in Source Material II: Unfolding, to engage in a responsive dialogue with the visual storytelling, materiality and gesture expressed by Vida Simon and Jack Stanley (Montreal) in the exhibition Carried Away. Comox Valley Art Gallery has extended an invitation to other visual arts programs to join the conversation. Photographic imagery and sculptural objects added to the exhibition inspire an interruption and rearrangement of narrative. New hybrids are created from the excavation of their source material. An interactive component embedded in the exhibition space offers the wider community an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing unfolding of responsive narratives to the past and current exhibitions.