CVAG and the Comox Valley Arts invited current and past Comox Valley culture makers – artists, writers, performers, collaborators, creative collectives and cultural thinkers to submit work for IMAGE TO TEXT TO IMAGE, a thematic show that explores the diverse relationships found in the creation of dialogue between visuals and words.

In CVAG’s South Gallery and Window Space, works created by individual artists and collaborative teams express a wide range of responses to the theme. Throughout the duration of the program, a community engagement make art station within the gallery will provide visitors with opportunities to participate in the ongoing thematic dialogue.

Comox Valley Printmakers Association + North Island College School of Fine Art and Design provide an expanding collage of printed matter in CVAG’s Community Space. Finding Form in the Repeated Absurdity of Dada Art “is an extended dialogue that pokes at today’s global climate, utilizing the Dada tools of satire and nonsense.”



First we see. Later we translate the seen into utterances, sounds, words and then back again. Words are scribed. As the text is read, imagery is inspired. And so it goes image to text to image…

The implications of these translations are immense. Stories change, memory interferes, reality is uncertain, misunderstandings can ensue. The possibilities are endless.

There can be a blurring of the lines. Imagery and text can be hybridized. Does this make meanings clearer? Perhaps some fun can be had exploring the relationships between image and text.

What can emerge when the interstitial spaces between words and text are entered? What new dialogues might develop? Down through the ages and in our current culture image and text have been hybridized to get the point across. There is always something new to say or a new way to say something.


The art opening for the exhibition IMAGE TO TEXT TO IMAGE will coincide with the 6TH ANNUAL ELEVATE THE ARTS FESTIVAL, a free festival of art culture and ideas that hits the streets May 31-June 3 2017 in Downtown Courtenay. “Celebrating 6 years of breaking down barriers between culture producers and culture consumers through street-level DIY community collaborations, the 2017 festival theme is “The Experiment” Enquire, engage, experiment and expose the beauty, tensions and possibilities of the universe in the streets of the city.” For more information, or to get involved, visit