COMMUNITY MAKE ART PROJECT: Approaching Painting / Exploring Tools, Gestures and Intentions

January 26 2019 / 11:00am - 1:00pm

Facilitated by artists Nicole Crouch + Scott Bertram

Approaching Painting: Exploring tools, gesture, and intention

Scott Bertram and Nicole Crouch both place great importance on the tools that they use in their
individual painting practices. Their work is informed by the unique properties of a given tool –
paintbrush or otherwise – such as how the intention the artist has while making a mark can be
confronted with chance, accident, and the tools’ particular characteristics.

In this workshop, participants will be led to create their own brush and mark-making tools. The artists will lead participants through a series of creative exercises intended to strengthen the relationship between the maker, the tool, the mark, and the surface.

Through action and observation, participants can explore their tools’ mark-making possibilities and limitations, as well as experiment with ways of bringing intention into the gesture.

Based on mindfulness brushwork techniques as well as with open-ended experimentation, participants will have the opportunity to explore centering themselves in their work as well as to work with others through short collaborating exercises.

All ages welcome – children must be accompanied by an adult. Materials are provided.
Admission to the gallery and make art events is free. Donations are gratefully accepted.
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