Current Exhibitions


In This Place reaches into the past to root us in this place and time. Remembering and honouring the ancestors, upholding the land, and creating a place of welcoming, gathering and healing are the foundation of this convergent program. Nump Ma Noch Gyai Yoo Lahss / We All Come From One Root is a multi-media… 

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  • Nump ma noch gyai yoo lahss (We All Come From One Root)

    “Photography, archive and memory are intimately connected. Memory and photography both involve the process of recording images that may be used to recall the past. Memory itself is often characterized as an archive: a store house of things, meanings and images. This gives the impression that one can appeal to memory in order to recover… 

    October 16 - November 17 2018
  • Honouring: Project Of Heart / Speaking To Memory

    A collaboration between SD 71 Indigenous Education Services and Comox Valley Art Gallery   The path to reconciliation can be a rough trail for some when we first become aware of the history of residential Schools in Canada. These exhibits touch our hearts and teach our minds to educate future generations in knowing this history… 

    September 17 - November 10 2018
  • North Island Hospital Art Project

    View the design briefs on display at the gallery by the CVAG creative team for the new North Island Hospital.

    October 13 2017 - November 20 2018